Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tukang Nggame News. Now, www.mypagerank.net added new services. It's called "Free Services Manager". It's dedicated to help users to setup their own free services site. The service run in their own web server and fetch data from mypagerank.net server. This is methode better from all. First prevent spammers, all site have their unique ip this speed index in search engines.

Tukang Nggame weblog will use that services, but don't do it, because web server http://nggametukang.blogspot.com not yet suported PHP language programming, whereas the web server require PHP ( url fopen, GD ). The other requirement to run that services are Apache ( mod rewrite ) , Ioncube loader.

This step by step to install it :
1 - Create Site
2 - Site design and settings
3 - Activate addons
4 - Site Pages
5 - Install files
6 - Copy the code to site then access with your web browser.

Detail news browse http://freeservicesmanager.mypagerank.net/.

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