Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tukang nggame seo contest has ended. I really still have not been lucky, only to sit in the position-6. All lesson for me. There is no defeat for me. Now time dream to win the SEO contest Stop Dreaming Start Action.

Stop Dreaming Start Action may contest this time more serious because many participants are involved. The many participants bergitu is because the size of the prize offered. I do not know could exist in the SERP # 1 or not. But I akan Stop Dreaming Start Action for memenangkannya.

The most important is not just a dream business. No matter the competition enough. Therefore, I support to increase blog Stop Dreaming Start Action to achieve SERP # 1. Support friends are helping me.

This contest is a SEO contest, I had a third follow. The two previous contests for the victory only gave me the form of experience and knowledge. Now I dream to become winners indeed. Bismillahirrahmaannirrahiim