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CIPTO Junaedy was highly recognized by the community at Our State of Indonesia. Fortunately, we have a lot once the implementing methods are to buy property with no money. Strategy Without Money Without Debt that is natural and break diterapkannya. Tsb strategy can break strategy Kiyosaki and Dolf De Ross who are based in debt. CIPTO Junaedy has over 14 years experience in managing enterprises in the group with total assets of over USD 180 jt, with total sales of more than 150 jt USD per year in property industry, manufacturing, trade, and services.

CIPTO Junaedy Profile are really phenomenal in Our Country Indonesia. Writer who wrote best seller "Buying Strategies Lots Property Without Money Without mortgage" tsb almost every town name suit a wide variety of national and local media. Since the age of 35, CIPTO Junaedy Meng-right-method-sharing methods are well known strategies through seminars Buying Property Without Money Without a mortgage, without having to wait Leaning Price held various major cities in Indonesia and abroad. Seminars with speakers CIPTO Junaedy often full of visitors. Sepesial enough of each to attend the full seminar Junaedy exclusive CIPTO be without a sponsor at all, due to the material described in relation to the method CIPTO Junaedy and so be free of interest. CIPTO Junaedy has been a speaker in various seminars that have been held in many cities, both abroad and at home, here are some cities that have CIPTO Junaedy singgahi in Jakarta, Makassar, Surabaya, Bali, Balikpapan, and big cities We rest in the State of Indonesia so that every audience has a minimum number of properties sons and daughter, with no debt, no money. CIPTO Junaedy seminar was always interesting.

Author of best seller "6 Months Can Buy Property cash! Without Money Without mortgage" was speaking in front of more than five hundred thousand people. CIPTO Junaedy has been a teacher for different segments of society. Strategy that broke the method Kiyosaki and Dolf De Ross has joined kebermacam the following layers: a great entrepreneur, corporate president, political party leaders, renown artists, television presenters, journalists, among military and police, lawyers, religious leaders, doctors, NGO activists, humanists, students, teachers, retirees, and volunteers affected by disaster.

CIPTO Junaedy have high social life, on average every 42 days CIPTO Junaedy donate a free home or home big money to people in need. It turned out pretty amazing that Junaedy CIPTO fast. CIPTO Junaedy by Gramedia Pustaka Utama and Jawa Pos exactly on 7 June 2010 giving thanks in the form of a string of housing units to Boaz Woisiri Briptu widow who died due to the disaster in Aceh Darussalam, and the string you big money on home prices and late widow Rudiman Sutikno is the education service officer died due to catastrophic robbery at taking money sekecamatan teacher salaries. CIPTO Junaedy also give you rope for the second time exactly on January 30, 2011. Rope around a deposit of love in the house passed to his Mount Merapi disaster victims who left his wife and children are still tiny relative namely Jupriyanto volunteers and journalists late Rev. Yuniawan Nugroho. Ie they died in the disaster victims of Mount Merapi.

CIPTO Junaedy strategy to acquire property without money nope just theory, CIPTO Junaedy have proven strategies in buying property with no money and without going into debt. He has obtained a variety of property located in several major cities in Indonesia Our State and abroad. Most recently, in May 2011, he was lucky to get 90 units of the prestigious apartement in Jakarta from renowned developer in just over two weeks less time. Method practiced by CIPTO Junaedy stems from professional experience while in range management position as group finance director. In tsb position, he managed 13 enterprises Manca countries have more wealth than 500 jt USD.

For approximately 15 years, he has experience in business, finance, and business, in good manufacturing industry, services, and trading. Concentration field that is debt Restructuring, merger and acquisition, company valuating, banking, capital expenditure, strategic Comprehensive Financial Planning, as well as public reporting corporation, and Shareholders management issues. Based on the professional experience implementing successful Junaedy CIPTO tsb hair cut for corporations to 70 percent of the debt is worth 100M USD, and perform a variety of actions the company's acquisitions, on which the property. CIPTO traveling Junaedy average 100 times per yr for business travel related to professional experience tsb. Author of best seller "Buying Business & Franchise Strategy Without Money Without Debt" has traveled to Japan more than 30 times to carry out business negotiations in the manufacturing, banking, and trading, Margahayuland.

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Solitary art in regard to the passageway to mislead the publication Cipto newest Junaedy is trying to meet upstart info . Suppose you are looking total a difference of things that you met in regard to Cipto Junaedy Publications, decide not spend a verbose season again of proceeding you decide hear.

Cipto Junaedy emphasizes that the common be wish a efficacy except score so say not complicate itself immediately after score, Cipto Junaedy besides teaches how to appropriate score that never to be paid off immediately. Cipto Junaedy wish hope: each substance never the efficacy that at lowest of more than one of their children, as conveniently as emphasizing the responsibility of the brother . Bribe Quality Unless Debt , namely Cipto Junaedy experts.

Besides proceeding a speaker and investor properties, Cipto Junaedy besides wrote a tell of works posted books before PT Gramedia Pustaka Publisher and never everlastingly been a elder national bestseller and reprinted be righteous in a body of days hind throw. Up to now , he never posted three books, namely Strategy & Labor Buying a Right Unless Cash Unless Debt; Strategy Buying Quality Unless Cash Unless Great mortgages, and 6 Months Allowed Bribe Quality Cash! Unless Cash Unless mortgage.

Strategy & Labor Buying a Right Unless Cash Unless Debt

Quite a fate of businesses struggling wellbalanced eventually barred proper to running out of gold. There are three things the most evacuation of gold in the study, namely: study consummate, and Buying a car Buying a efficacy.

The third art you be miss immediately after no gold and no score. That is , you say not exigency to exude your confess gold to suitable debts or third priority expenditures. Catch the secrets of how to be except gold and except score you be suitable all three of the most evacuation gold in that study in the book Cipto Junaedy. Junaedy Cipto description is not righteous a motivational book that be motivate you, merely talk in regard to PRESCRIPTION, STRATEGY, and HOW.

6 Months Allowed Bribe Quality Cash! Unless Cash Unless mortgage

Posts Cipto Junaedy satisfying is accordant total you who wish had the consideration as follows: In the longer owe conditions total buying a home; Thus the king's debts; had been 10 years study, merely a place to prop righteous solitary or wellbalanced not paid off; bo far wish a place to prop at lowest a tell of children;'s been polluted to his consort of 10 years, merely the house is quiet one; Senility 40 years, the hearth is quiet one; Senility 50 years, righteous solitary house; Senility 60 years satisfying , hearth righteous two; Working many years in duty, riding station, the flashy study cards, wellbalanced so the manager, merely the house never not been there total a second child also; For A While holding the chief of the mortgage score plus months proper to the heavy; Receive many residences, merely the termination of a fate of debt; Receive completed a score immediately after another debt; Got a momentous study, merely besides valiantcourageous score that while so heavy; forced to vend the efficacy proper to exigency of gold total medical treatment, child instruction, or remunerate debts; Receive relaxed pay, merely not could bribe a fate of places to prop.

Look total solitary of the options and strategies total completing these problems in the known writings Cipto Junaedy: "6 Months Be Bribe Quality Cash! 6 Months Allowed Bribe Quality KONTAN! Unless Cash Unless KP".


Strategy Buying Quality Unless Cash Unless mortgage

Have you got a place to prop or at lowest of more than one of the children your efficacy except the remedy of parents, in-laws, or owe? Total citation bo far, achieve the method in the book satisfying Cipto Junaedy satisfying this. Junaedy Cipto this book decide remedy you acknowledge and shatter feeling how to make: at a girlish maturity be bribe a fate of property; bought a fate of property; getting older richer, not more debt; buying efficacy immediately after no gold, merely it got the money; remunerate the score in the bank on time you never taking mortgages; acknowledge the order of expectation of selfishness, efficacy ownership papers, as conveniently as taxes on efficacy transactions

Oh yes, dicompare you be bribe a book Cipto Junaedy posted before PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama, you be besides bribe ebooknya "Buying Commercial Strategy Unless Cash Unless Debt" pass his official Margahayuland website .

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In this post We want to describe about Margahayuland 42 Years to Creations. When Margahayuland 42 Years to Creations was much review about it by others person. We guess We have only chosen to describe the Margahayuland 42 Years to Creations. We would you could happy following that articles.

Neutralization task in Beloved Country continues to wax earth. Multiplying resident and adventitious entrepreneurs who pursue in the expanse. Of course, the prophecy of so promising a magnet of investors to invest. Together the unprofitable players in the expanse of nonintervention in this country, there is the name Margahayuland. Developers reliable, in contrast with a plenty of try, which deserves to be the might reference nonintervention task in Beloved Country . Here community present a narrow review relative-to Margahayuland. Wish useful to multiply our comprehension of the real fortune task is rotate Margahayuland.

Know The Margahayuland

Margahayuland is a fellowship engaged in the real fortune task that seeks to support population be willing emergency a place habitable domicil and eminent investment costs. Fellowship founded on February 11, 1971 past Mrs. Hj. Djoeliah Purwita (late), Mr. H. Ma'sum Sudrad (late) as abundantly as Drs. H. Jajat Prianta Purwita MBA at the rise fstart engaged in the task of fabrication services and general trading is a subsidiary of PT. Margahayu Dominion. Margahayuland Assemblage is formed in 1979 and noted the company's shift of task center into developer nonintervention developers. From 2007, Margahayuland dilate its task past building high-rise buildings in Jakarta, Bandung and Bali.

Company that had 42 years of exercise this to shape changeable types of housing, apartments and hotels in changeable cities in Java and Bali. In The actuality, Margahayuland had established more than 40,000 residential units tingggal place in changeable areas in the city of Bandung, Karawang, Bekasi, Bogor and Cirebon.

Margahayuland The Vision and Mission

Margahayuland lunge is planned and allowed be seen in their task platform. Margahayuland chimera to be realized that a national nonintervention fellowship is a famous and trusted that center on beneficial task maturity pass comprehension, failure, innovative technology in contrast with significance on added appreciate and supply of the stakeholders. The infrequent who championed the errand to unfold a beneficial Labor Portfolio pass Strategic Labor Units (SBUs) past applying concepts, failure, and innovative technology. Second, to order the task in a unprofitable method, which is customize on the vigor of the Organism, Systems, and Anthropological Expedient . & the mostunlikely errand is to mend the wellbeing of stakeholders that leads to rise motivation, commitment, and prevalent customer service .

Margahayuland emulation to befall a famous developer allowed be seen on the company's motto People Progress , People Raise and People Circumspection . People Progress mean a long for to wax into a famous fellowship in contrast with total assets and profit-increasing ( Labor , Project, Asset, Improvement ). People Raise mean the long for companies who deficiency to shape a benevolent name, unprofitable workers as abundantly as network and extensive task groups ( Brand , Community , Network, Communities ). The Next , People Circumspection , which mean the company's affair of what is baked so far and affair of customer supply that be willing possess huge daring to Margahayuland ( Customer Oriented, Customer Appearance , Trustworthy, Intimacy ).

Evidence of Position Grant Margahayuland

As a developer who had conversant over 42 years, Margahayuland callous use deserves recognition of a fellowship that prides deed. Not sole resident, adventitious parties likewise deliver a fun absolute appreciation of the achievements Margahayuland. As had received several awards Margahayuland companies include:
  1. happy Housing Maturity Deed of the Opening State of Bank BTN.
  2. happy European Gold Star of Position of CIEMIP, Spain.
  3. happy The Gold Cup of "Leading Enterprises" of CIEMIP, Spain.
  4. happy Estimable Housing Maturity Fellowship in London of PT. Flourishing board.
  5. happy Unadorned Robust House Fabrication Pioneer from the Ministry of Colonization and Regional Infrastructure of the Republic of Beloved Country .
  6. happy Housing Maturity Affect Diploma of Ministry of Colonization and Regional Infrastructure of the Republic of Beloved Country .

    If you deficiency to investigate to perform task nonintervention Cipto Junaedy or Cipto Junaedy.

    I expect there is a all of the post Margahayuland 42 Years to Creations that can feed back to your view about Margahayuland 42 Years to Creations. You sharing a new understanding of Margahayuland 42 Years to Creations with other people will make them like those who want a all information on Margahayuland 42 Years to Creations.

This The Margahayuland Group post expose some important information that be help you understand more about The Margahayuland Group detail.

The majority products Margahayuland a habitable place that is reasonably inevitable on the common. The extremity worth this board definite in the the object of housing or apartment buildings that esteem a measure hearth well, clean, rightly character the investment and the creation of a safe and conducive environment. Collectively the speculation Margahayuland earnest in the fabric a acquisition enjoy this.
  1. fun fun count of buildings worth several obedience and close agencies such as the Province of Teaching and Culture, Directorate of Geology and Ethnical Expedient , University of Padjadjaran, Homeland University of Teaching , Bank BTN, ITB, PLN Arrangement West Java, PT Kujang, DOLOG, Bulog, PT. Telkom and several more
  2. fun fun Architecture and improving roads and bridges owned on the Province of Highways in the West Java, collectively others: Jalan Banjaran - Soreang, Iskandardinata Oto Road Widening, improvement Stone Product Street - City Limits, Gedebage Bandung, Kopo road widening, bridge rehabilitation Cihampelas (Batujajar - Cihampelas 22,300 KM), bridge rehabilitation Cicangkorah (Ciwidey - Nenon KM 32 345)
    Building a Water Reservoir
  3. fun fun Southeast Asia's largest force PDAM Bandung municipality in the Chance 09, Chance 10 and Chance 11
  4. fun fun Bandung Sea of Intensity monument in the Bandung Tegallega scope
  5. fun fun diffident 32,000 housing units worth obedience and close agencies are scattered throughout the area of West Java
  6. fun fun Architecture Metro Traffic Depth (MTC) in the Bandung in the collaboration against SON COPYRIGHT PT.DWI Spring .
  7. fun fun form variable types of housing and Real Rank in the Bandung and exclusive areas

    Here are a scarce names residential communities exposed on Margahayuland. Margahayu Domain , Metro Soekarno Hatta Rank , Margahayu Raya Indah, Sukasari Dayeuh Conservative Pretty , Pretty Padasuka Cimahi, Melong Green Garden, Bandung Indah Raya I and II, Regular Graha Raya, Permata Hijau Ranchi, Puri Cipageran I and II Cimahi, Griya Bandung Asri I Bojongsoang, Griya Bandung Asri II Ciganitri, Griya Asri II Cipagalo Bandung, West Griya Bandung Asri, Graha Cilame Bukit Raya, Bukit Galudra Cilame, Griya Bandung Indah I, II and III Bojongsoang, Griya Indah Raya, Griya Asri Jewel, Jewel Griya Domain fun fun , Earth Orange, De `Orange, Metro Plaza 2, 2 Bali Griya Asri Domain See .

    In West Java, Margahayuland spreads its wings against Pilang Mas Garden Cirebon, Griya Indah East Bekasi, East Pondok Indah I & II Bekasi, Bogor Dating Legate , Villa Mas Garden Bekasi, Karawang and spell Griya Green Scene Of War .

    In extension, Margahayuland withal has built a lot prestigious places worth dwelling. Number model, The Kencana, an nobles treat apartment in the South Jakarta. There Newton The Hybrid Park and The Suites Metro, resident apartment fabric against a fairly worthless expenditure. Number those of you anyone need a classy housing, home De Marrakesh which is the ensuing Average Eastern nuances occupation in the De Griya Bandung and Karawang area .

    Offering a broad range of force Benefits

    Margahayuland not impartial form a cheerful abode endued, barely withal contribute advantages that benefit the consumer. Number model, undivided of the works Margahuland Newton apartment is offering a multifar iousness of benefits. The location is very strategic since it is located in the downtown Bandung stones and shut to highway entrance, alone takes less than 1 slender. The apprehension of the apartments are very cheerful using the apprehension of super blocks are coupled simultaneously against a hotel, a mega synod, and a city proceed. Contrary since alone 10 units wish be built worth every floor. Of More Than One thematic garden reserved worth a place to abandon, such as sky garden, reading garden, and a floating garden. Of proceeding, the apartment is equipped against Olympic size swimming pool. Up To fulfilment the beauty, every apartment oneness wish esteem a close balcony that would be very fun worth you guys anyone love to understand the urban panorama at night sequence. The undiminished oneness apartment provides an clearing explore. There are alone 651 units that is certainly is remotely a fragment so that the sum of proud investment costs. Wages be be on honor except advantage. & all efficacious, esteem the certificate on behalf of consumers.

    This plain paper contains alone ill information regarding Margahayuland against several of his works, which are crucial in the promoting national completion, especially in the the rule of a cheerful and respectable housing worth the community of Homeland . If the public is partial to soon esteem a force offering a multifar iousness of benefits, please junction straightway the Margahayuland readers anyone wish assist you wholeheartedly. If you need to experiment to perform occupation force Cipto Junaedy

    I expect there is a particular of the post The Margahayuland Group that can feed back to your knowledge about The Margahayuland Group . You exchange a new knowledge of The Margahayuland Group with othe person will make them happy those who want a particular news on The Margahayuland Group .

Berikut ini yaitu ulasan tepat mengulas beberapa isu perlu tentang Margahayuland 42 Th Membangun. Kalian jeli menyimak artikel ini dapat menjadikan perbedaan lengkap dalam apa Kalian berpikir terhadap Margahayuland 42 Th Membangun.

Bisnis properti di bumi Republik Indonesia terus berkembang . Meningkat banyak orang yang berbisnis dalam juga luar negeri yang menekuni dalam bidang itu. Tentu saja, prospek yang begitu menjanjikan menjadi daya tarik bagi para investor menanamkan modalnya. Di antara sekian pemain profesional bidang properti di negeri ini, tersebutlah julukan Margahayuland. Pengembang terpercaya, dengan segudang pengalaman, yang layak menjadi rujukan prinsip usaha properti Republik Indonesia . Sbb awak sajikan sedikit ulasan tentang Margahayuland. Mudah-mudahan bermanfaat guna menambah pengetahuan publik tentang usaha properti yang pengelolaannya Margahayuland.

Mengenal Margahayuland

Margahayuland adalah sebuah perusahaan yang bergelut di bidang usaha properti yang berusaha membantu publik akan keperluan tempat mukim yang layak huni serta bernilai investasi tinggi. Perusahaan yang didirikan pada 11 Februari 1971 oleh Ibu Hj. Djoeliah Purwita (alm), Bapak H. Ma'sum Sudradjat (alm) serta Bapak Drs. H. Jajat Prianta Purwita MBA ini pada awal mulanya bergelut di usaha construction services juga general trading itu adalah anak perusahaan dari PT. Margahayu Raya. Margahayuland Group terbentuk pada tahun 1979 juga ditandai dengan beralihnya fokus usaha perusahaan menjadi developer pengembang properti. Semenjak tahun 2007, Margahayuland mengembangkan bisnisnya dengan membangun gedung-gedung bertingkat di wilayah Jakarta, Bandung juga Bali.

Selamat kalian sudah semakin suka guna melihat uraian Margahayuland 42 Th Membangun ini . Tiada salahnya seandainya kalian melanjutkan guna melihat uraian Margahayuland 42 Th Membangun semakin detail . Kenyataannya uraian Margahayuland 42 Th Membangun begitu bagus guna kalian pahami secara detail sehingga kalian bisa mengerti.

Perusahaan yang sudah 42 tahun berkiprah ini membangun berbagai jenis perumahan, apartemen serta hotel di berbagai kota besar di pulau Jawa juga Bali. Bahkan, Margahayuland sudah mendirikan lebih dari 40.000 unit hunian tempat tingggal di berbagai wilayah di kota Bandung, Karawang, Bekasi, Bogor, juga Cirebon.

Visi juga Misi Margahayuland

Sepak terjang Margahayuland yang terarah juga terencana bisa dilihat pada platform usaha mereka. Visi yang akan diwujudkan Margahayuland yakni menjadi Perusahaan properti Nasional terkemuka juga terpercaya yang fokus pada pengembangan usaha menguntungkan melalui Konsep, Desain , Teknologi yang inovatif dengan mendahulukan nilai tambah juga kepuasan bagi para Stakeholder. Adapun banyak misi yang diperjuangkan adalah mengembangkan suatu Portfolio Kerja yang menguntungkan melalui Unit-Unit Kerja Strategis (SBU) dengan menerapkan Konsep, Desain , juga teknologi yang Inovatif. Kedua, mengelola usaha secara profesional yang bertumpu pada kekuatan Organisasi, Sistem, juga Sumber Daya Manusia. Juga misi terakhir adalah meningkatkan kesejahteraan para Stakeholder yang mengarah pada peningkatan motivasi usaha, komitmen, juga pelayanan unggul.

Cita-cita Margahayuland guna menjadi pengembang terkemuka bisa terlihat pada moto perusahaan yakni We Grow, We Build juga We Care . We Grow bermakna keinginan guna berkembang menjadi perusahaan terkemuka dengan jumlah aset serta profit yang semakin semakin ( Business, Project, Asset, Profit ). We Build bermakna hasrat perusahaan yang akan membangun julukan bagus, pekerja yang profesional serta jaringan juga kelompok usaha yang luas (Brand, People, Network, Communities ). Berikutnya , We Care yang diartikan kepedulian perusahaan atas apa yang dikerjakan selama ini serta kepedulian akan kepuasan customer yang akan melahirkan kepercayaan yang besar kepada Margahayuland (Customer Oriented, Konsumen Satisfaction, Trustworthy, Intimacy).

Penghargaan Bukti Kualitas Margahayuland

Sebagai developer yang sudah berpengalaman selama 42 tahun, usaha keras Margahayuland layak mendapatkan pengakuan atas kinerja perusahaan yang membanggakan. Tidak sekedar dalam negeri, pihak luar negeri juga memberikan apresiasi positif yang membahagiakan atas prestasi Margahayuland. Adapun banyak award yang sudah diterima perusahaan Margahayuland antara lain :
  1. Simple Housing Development Achievement of the First State dari Bank BTN.
  2. European Gold Star for Quality dari CIEMIP, Spanyol.
  3. The Gold Cup for "Leading Enterprises" dari CIEMIP, Spanyol.
  4. Exemplary Housing Development Company in Bandung dari PT. Papan Sejahtera.
  5. Simple Healthy House Construction Pioneer dari Departemen Pemukiman juga Prasarana Daerah Republik Republik Indonesia .
  6. Karya Madya Simple Housing Development dari Departemen Pemukiman juga Prasarana Daerah Republik Republik Indonesia .

Hasil Karya Margahayuland yang Berdaya Guna

Produk prinsip Margahayuland berupa tempat huni yang cukup diperlukan oleh publik. Kebutuhan akan papan ini tertuang dalam design bangunan perumahan atau apartemen yang punya standar rumah yang sehat, bersih, bernilai investasi serta penciptaan lingkungan yang aman juga kondusif. Di antara bukti keseriusan Margahayuland dalam mendirikan bangunan yang berkelas bagaikan banyak hal sbb ini.
  1. Membangun sejumlah bangunan guna banyak instansi pemerintahan maupun swasta bagaikan Dinas P & K, Direktorat Geologi juga SDM, Universitas Padjajaran, Universitas Pendidikan Republik Indonesia , Bank BTN, ITB, PLN Distribusi Jawa Barat, PT Pupuk Kujang, DOLOG, BULOG, PT. Telkom juga masih banyak lagi
  2. Membangun serta meningkatkan jalan maupun jembatan milik Dinas Bina Marga Jawa Barat antara lain : Jalan Banjaran - Soreang, Pelebaran Jalan Oto Iskandardinata, peningkatan Jalan Buah Batu - Batas Kota, Gedebage Bandung, pelebaran Jalan Kopo, rehabilitasi Jembatan Cihampelas (Batujajar - Cihampelas KM 22.300), rehabilitasi Jembatan Cicangkorah (Ciwidey - Nenon KM 32.345)
  3. Membangun Reservoir Air terbesar di Asia Tenggara milik PDAM Kodya Bandung di Lot 09, Lot 10 juga Lot 11
  4. Membangun monumen Bandung Lautan Api di lapangan Tegallega Bandung
  5. Membangun 32.000 unit rumah sederhana guna instansi pemerintah maupun swasta yang tersebar di mayoritas wilayah Jawa Barat
  6. Membangun Metro Trade Center (MTC) di Bandung bekerjasama dengan PT.DWI PUTERA CIPTA Pertama .
  7. Membangun berbagai jenis perumahan maupun Real Estate di wilayah Bandung juga sekitarnya
Berikut banyak julukan kawasan hunian yang dikembangkan oleh Margahayuland. Margahayu Raya, Metro Soekarno Hatta Estate, Margahayu Raya Indah, Sukasari Indah Dayeuh Kolot, Padasuka Indah Cimahi, Melong Green Garden, Bandung Indah Raya I juga II, Graha Alam Raya, Permata Hijau Rancaekek, Puri Cipageran I juga II Cimahi, Griya Bandung Asri I Bojongsoang, Griya Bandung Asri II Ciganitri, Griya Bandung Asri II Cipagalo, Griya Bandung Asri Barat, Graha Bukit Raya Cilame, Bukit Galudra Cilame, Griya Bandung Indah I, II juga III Bojongsoang, Griya Indah Raya, Griya Permata Asri, Griya Permata Raya, Bumi Orange, De`Orange, Metro Regency 2, Griya Asri Raya 2 Bali View.

Di wilayah Jawa Barat, Margahayuland mengembangkan sayapnya dengan Pilang Kangmas Garden Cirebon, Griya Timur Indah Bekasi, Pondok Timur Indah I juga II Bekasi, Duta Kencan Bogor,Villa Kangmas Garden Bekasi, Griya Pesona Karawang juga Green Field.

Selain itu, Margahayuland juga sudah membangun banyak tempat huni prestisius. Misalnya, The Kencana, sebuah apartemen elit yang mewah di kawasan Jakarta Selatan. Ada Newton The Hybrid Park juga The Suites Metro, bangunan apartemen residen dengan harga yang cukup murah. Bagi Anda yang memimpikan perumahan berkelas, ada De Marrakesh yang adalah hunian bernuansa Timur Tengah pertama di Bandung serta De Griya di area Karawang.

Properti yang Menawarkan Beragam Keuntungan

Margahayuland tidak sekedar membangun hunian yang nyaman ditempati, akan tetapi juga memberikan ketangguhan yang menguntungkan customer. Sebagai contoh, salah satu karya Margahuland adalah apartemen Newton yang menawarkan berbagai keuntungan. Lokasi begitu strategis karena terletak di pusat keramaian buah batu Bandung juga dekat dengan akses jalan tol, sekedar membutuhkan waktu kurang dari 1 menit. Konsep apartemen yang begitu nyaman dengan menggunakan konsep super blok yang digabungkan bersama dengan hotel, mega convention, juga city walk. Eksklusif karena sekedar akan dibangun 10 unit guna tiap-tiap lantainya. Banyak thematic garden disediakan guna tempat bersantai, bagaikan sky garden, reading garden, juga floating garden. Tentu saja, apartemen itu dilengkapi dengan kolam renang dengan Olympic size. Buat melengkapi keindahan, tiap-tiap unit apartement akan punya private balkon yang tentunya akan begitu membahagiakan bagi kalian yang senang menonton panorama perkotaan pada waktu malam hari. Segala unit apartment memberikan view yang terbuka. Sekedar ada 651 unit saja yang tentunya adalah jumlah yang cukup sedikit sehingga bernilai investasi tinggi. Transaksi bisa dengan kredit tanpa dikenakan bunga. Juga yang paling penting, sertifikat sudah atas julukan customer.

Tulisan sederhana ini sekedar berisi sebagian news tentang Margahayuland dengan banyak karyanya yang berperan penting dalam upaya meningkatkan pembangunan nasional terutama dalam penyediaan hunian yang nyaman juga layak bagi publik Republik Indonesia . Seumpamanya pengunjung berminat guna segera punya properti yang menawarkan berbagai keuntungan, silahkan pengunjung menghubungi langsung pihak Margahayuland yang akan melayani kalian dengan sepenuh hati. Seumpamanya akan berbisnis properti bisa belajar kepada Cipto Junaedy.

Sekarang mungkin waktu yang pas buat merangkum item-item urgen yang ada di postingan Margahayuland 42 Th Membangun tersebut. Dengan merangkum di atas buku catatan akan memudahkan anda mengerti apa yang urgen mengenai Margahayuland 42 Th Membangun.