Monday, April 23, 2007

Welkomm 2 eperi bady.... !!! Whether why you arrive in this blog Tukang Nggame? As his title, that blog this was blog Not Tukang Nggame. This Blog "Tukang Nggame" this was made only follow the SEO contest with keyword the "Tukang Nggame". This Tukang Nggame SEO contest was held by relatives Yudhi. Participation in the Tukang Nggame SEO contest this only a to sharpen personal competence in the field SEO. Where some time before, dragged him feet in the SEO contest also.

Moreover in this contest I still the beginner, CMS that was chosen by me initially chaotic was compatible with the uncle's rule google. So, I wanted to drip again my competence in the SEO field, this time in the SEO contest Not Tukang Nggame. As in the contest, I also hoped the victory, by capital after so many for a long time studied SEO and the contest model that dragged him feet when that was previous. I did not want this time CMS I be destroyed-debris like previously. Although I lost start, because of April 8 2009 just followed start in the contest Not Tukang Nggame.

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