Monday, June 29, 2009

tukang nggame news - Speech grief in many different languages over death "King of Pop", Michael Jackson, swift flowing in the Michael Jackson fans on Facebook. Status in the last page is the only row number: 1958-2009-refers to the year of birth and his death floads thousands of comments and reverence.

Speech grief in this page is also delivered in a variety of languages as if describing grief over the death of all nations, Jacko. Michael Jackson and pop music has its rip the social and territorial boundaries. Today the world's sorrow over his death.

Michael experienced heart attack in his home in Baverly Hills, LA, on Thursday (25 / 6) afternoon. He was then to UCLA Medical Center. For more than an hour the team doctor from the hospital is trying to help, but ultimately soul terselamatkan not because the heart fails. The world music legend died at the age of 50 years.

Tukang Nggame also express condolence. Tukang Nggame grateful if true that Michael Jackson embrace Islam and has died as Muslim.
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