Thursday, August 20, 2009

Alhamdulillah. Tukang nggame blog already several weeks was in the number 1 SERP, and But the contest has been finished: (. What Stop Dreaming Start Action also will be in SERP the number 1 ? I hoped won and SERP Stop Dreaming Start Action was in the first page and number one.

Although being difficult it is hoped could like that was hoped for by me, that is winning. Currently still tried to do optimize SEO Stop Dreaming Start Action so that my goal is reached. If you give me the support and help certainly I was very happy.

How much time that was needed? I did not know. I only tried. And it is hoped was successful. If you the suggestion to increase SERP then I was very happy if you informed I. Moreover if web Stop Dreaming Start Action was in SERP the number 1 like the tukang nggame. Aamin.